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Argham Pouya Auditing and management services Firm.


1- History

Argham pouya Auditing and Management services firm, was established  and started its operation in 2002. Our Mission from the beginning was to improve the quality of financial information and management systems and helping to  create financial disipline in public and private sectors, Country level. 

Since then we have accomplised providing services to a numerous corporations both in private and public sectors. Mostly Manufacturing and construction companies, hospitals and universities and etc. 

As part of our committment to improve the financial disipline we have performed Re-engineering and Re-structuring in Firm to replace or retire some of the old staff in 2019 to increase the efficiency. 

2- Subjects of activities:

  • Audit, review including Financial Statements Audit & Forensic Auditing. 
  • Designing and Implementatikons of systems. 
  • Financial management Consulting 
  • Bookkeeping, Accounting and Taxation Services. 
  • System Analysis, Budgeting and Stock Valuation. 
  • Services referred to by courts and Judical Authorities in the context of the above. 

3- Active departments

The following Departments have been established in line with the operational activities: 

  • Audit and review Unit
  • Bookkeeping and accounting services Department. 
  • Managerial Accounting Department including System analysis,  Budgeting and Valuation. 
  • Consulting including Taxation and Financial Management Advisory. 

Office Address in Mashhad:

Vakil abad BLVD- Between Vakilabad 8 & 10 - #78 Ground Floor. 

Tel (051) 38816359 - 38827333 Fax 38823501


Linked In:linkedin.com/in/arghampouya-iacpa-audit-firm-43b3b6190

ضرورت نظارت سازمان بورس بر کميته‌هاي حسابرسي

ضرورت نظارت سازمان بورس بر کميته‌هاي حسابرسي

يادداشت منتشره در خبرگزاري فارس مورخ 26 خرداد 1394 

Author : admin يكشنبه، 14 تير ماه، 1394


Author : admin يكشنبه، 14 تير ماه، 1394

بازنگري و اصلاح در دستورالعمل نحوه محاسبه نسبت خالص دارايي‌هاي ثابت مؤسسات اعتباري

اطلاعيه بانك مركزي

Author : admin سه شنبه، 19 خرداد ماه، 1394

اسامي قبول‌شدگان آزمون انتخاب حسابدار رسمي



Author : admin پنجشنبه، 16 بهمن ماه، 1393

نقش حسابداران در اقتصاد

يادداشت منتشره در روزنامه دنياي اقتصاد مورخ 18 آذر 1393

Author : admin پنجشنبه، 20 آذر ماه، 1393

اطلاعیه دبیرکل درخصوص دریافت نظرات و پیشنهادات درباره تغییر مفاد اساسنامه جامعه


Author : admin پنجشنبه، 30 مرداد ماه، 1393

دومين همايش تخصصي حسابداري مديريت برگزار مي‌شود

يادداشت منتشر شده در مورخ 20 ارديبهشت 93

Author : admin شنبه، 20 ارديبهشت ماه، 1393

قانون عمليات بانكي بدون ربا (بهره)

 بخشنامه شماره 37852/93 مورخ 16/02/1393  بانك مركزي جمهوري اسلامي ايران

Author : admin پنجشنبه، 18 ارديبهشت ماه، 1393

اعلام نتيجه آزمون رتبه بندي كاركنان حرفه‌اي 1392

تاریخ: 1392/12/28

Author : admin چهارشنبه، 6 فروردين ماه، 1393

تاكيد بر رعايت مقررات در صدور گزارش حسابرسي صورتهاي مالي

 ابلاغيه شماره 260370/121 مورخ 21/12/1392 سازمان بورس و اوراق بهادار

Author : admin شنبه، 24 اسفند ماه، 1392